Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)


  1. Where is Little Creek Ranch?
  • In the Shuswap countryside about 20 minutes from the village of Chase (and Chase is about 45 minutes east of Kamloops).

 Is there a real creek at your place?

  • Yes, we’re happy to say, “a creek runs through it!”

 What about the trout ponds?

  • Two stocked Rainbow Trout ponds are fed from our fresh creek water.

 Apparently you have a beautiful old barn available?

  • A testament to the rich history of this special part of B.C. our heritage barn is the perfect place for one-of-a-kind photo-ops.

 What about your campsite?

  • Along the creekside we provide serviced facilities for RV’s and dry camp sites for tents. We also have three rustically-renovated cabins. A little two bedroom (the original Flume manager’s mini-house) plus two smaller cabins. And for all to use are two separate, outdoor washrooms with hot/cold shower facilities.

 Can we have an open fire?

  •  As “fire bans” are often announced by the BC Government we do not permit fires other than those at our communal firepit. With surround- seating, it’s an ideal spot for spinning tall tales ‘bout the bride and groom or scorching your way through a few bags of marshmallows.

 Can we bring pets?

  • As we have a number of animals roaming freely at our ranch, for both your safety and their’s, we have a not pets restriction.  This excludes guide dogs

 What about Food, Beverage & Entertainment services?

  • We have excellent relationships in place with many professionals in these areas and would be delighted to help you with your planning.
  • To serve Alcoholic beverages you’ll require a Special Event Permit from the LLB. A BC Government Liquor outlet is the place for that. Also, please note that the person(s) serving should have “Serving It Right” certification which can be arranged On-Line. An invited guest is not permitted to be your bartender for liability reasons

 And what about the subject of Insurance coverage… Liability concerns…

  • Please note that you’ll be responsible for 3rd-Party Liability & Cancellation Insurance

 How many guests can we plan for?

  • Our facilities can best serve up to   150 persons.

 Can the wedding and reception etc. be held indoors?

  • Little Creek Ranch’s Loakin Bear Hall at 3600 sq. ft. is the largest building on the property and perfectly suited for both your ceremony and a sit-down banquet.

 How do I make Booking arrangements?”

  • A simple email works or go to the “Booking” area of this site and follow the recommended guidelines.
  • Or telephone 604-842-0786 and we’ll take it from there.

 Event & Damage Deposits

  • Event Deposit: To hold your preferred date(s) we request a 25% deposit if your wedding date is within 13 months of booking with Little Creek Ranch. If your wedding date is more than 13 months away then we require a 10% deposit and an additional 15% – 12 months before your wedding date. Contract explains full details of deposits and cancellation policy.
  • Damage Deposit: At check-in we require a $500-$1000 Damage Deposit (depending on kitchen use) that is fully refundable after 7 days of check out should everything be in good order. (Our Damage Deposit is held should there be repairs to damage caused by guests, the hiring of cleaning services and to replace missing inventory items.) Full details are in the contract

 NOTE: Full Deposit details are agreed to within your personal contract with Little Creek Ranch.


  1. Are there nearby activities we could recommend to our guests?
  • The Shuswap area is well known as a visitors’ paradise and offers a broad variety of activities such as Boat Rentals, River Rafting, Zip-lining, Water Sports,Hiking, Golf, Horseback Trail-Riding