The Little Creek Ranch

With some 150 acres of real country to welcome you and your guests you’ll find plenty of space to toss your bouquet… and many one-of-a-kind photo-op locations for recording memorable moments.

And we do have a real, all-season creek so hence our welcoming Little Creek name. Meandering through the property, sometimes rapidly, sometimes lazily, over smooth rocks, past tiny private pools and mini-beaches.

As the cool, clear waters of Hiuihill Creek feed two beautiful, self-contained ponds, home to hundreds of Rainbow Trout

Little Creek Ranch is home to a number of privately-owned saddle & draft horses, a Rooster-patrolled chicken coop, a variety of farm critters that come and go and of course our ranch dogs and the occasional cat. (in light of this we do not encourage guests to bring their pets unless you deem them as necessary to your ceremony).

The Historic Flume – Log Barn

When you spot our imposing, early 1900’s hand-hewn flume-log barn you’ll understand why it’s on every photographer’s shot-list.

Constructed of the stoutest of timbers that originally formed an integral part of the famous log-flume that traversed the mountain sides delivering logs to our local mills, this majestic structure is a wood aficionados’ dream come true.

The Loakin Bear Hall

A multi-functional gathering place that well-lends itself to your imaginative planning.

A large bear-of-a-building, this facility is set off in a quieter area of the ranch property and can be set up with a variety of audio-visual presentation equipment, sound systems, lighting and staging allowing your creative juices to really get flowing.